Are you looking for my demo reel? It’s on the MAIN PAGE!


This is my most recent 2D animation, done entirely in Flash. This piece placed 36/228 in the March 2015 11 Second Club competition! Huzzah! My first top 50 entry!


This is a quick animation I did for kicks. I’ve been working on a comic book where a little old lady is possessed by a bird, so I animated how she would fly.


I’m getting more into 3D animation, which is proving to be a slow process since I’ve had to make all of my characters from scratch so far. This character is named Bao – short for Baobab. I spent a few weeks modeling and rigging him for a video game, and this is his first animation test. Unfortunately, the rig still needs a little bit of work, but one person can only do so much! Updates coming soon!


My take on the ┬áJapanese story of Tsuki no Usagi – The Bunny who lives in the moon. This is a popular story that I grew up hearing again and again, and I felt that only a beautiful, graceful animation would do it justice. Four days of keyframing on paper, followed by about a week of ink and paint in Flash. A day on the background, and another day on special effects. All together, I finished just shy of two weeks. It came out pretty darn fantastic, if I do say so myself.


In 2010, I took an animal animation class with my favorite teacher, Ham Sammwich, where I studied the movement of horses (as well as dogs, squirrels, scorpions, and dinosaurs). Recently, I dug up that old hand-drawn animation, and added on to it to make this!


This was my entry for the 2012 Newgrounds Christmas Animation Competition. I spent about ten days total working on it (the last three without sleep) and in the end… There were file upload problems, so I didn’t even enter. ALAS! It happens. This piece was done entirely in Flash. Thanks to DeatHTaX on Newgrounds for the music!


A test I did for a client who wanted a “safety” themed commercial.


My 11 Second Club Competition entry for December 2011. Hand-drawn keyframes, inked and painted in Flash. Placed 67th out of 202!


Just a quick deer animation!



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