Art Show is Tomorrow!

Talk about getting this done last minute. These should have been done last week, but between house-hunting, the last minute surprise move, the death-threats from our old landlord, and the mysterious case of the vanishing coolant from my car, I didn’t get to work on getting these prints done until yesterday. In fact, I didn’t finish painting one of them until yesterday.

Yesterday’s disappointing trip to the print shop ended with all of the paintings cut off by the feet – I don’t think the woman who helped me was very familiar with the printer. I’m a bit spoiled, though – I have this super-experienced graphic designer I can call up for help (“hello, mom?”) when the print job looks crappy and the prints are due the next day. “Oh, and let me clean those up for you, I can rescan that to fix the colors and make those brush stokes look better too, OH, and let me give you two separate versions for print and web. Would you like to stay for dinner?” Goodness, I am the luckiest girl in the world.

The first one is my favorite – That’s the only original I’ll refuse to sell. :)

artshow-butterfly-web artshow-orange-web artshow-balloons-web artshow-red-web artshow-umbrella-web artshow-embrace-web artshow-green-web

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