Bao the Baobab’s first animation test!

This semester has been a challenge, to put it lightly. A lot of people wanted to jump on this project at first, so I promised a really ambitious deliverable to the teacher. Then everyone who was going to help with character design, modeling, rigging, and level design either dropped the class or developed a siezure disorder – yes, he’s doing fantastic now. The enormous plus side to this is that, having committed to having several finished animations with original characters, I was in a position where I had no choice but to teach myself how to do all of the modeling (small challenge) and rigging (bigger challenge) before I could do any animation. The downside is that, with only two weeks left in the semester, there’s no way in hell I’m even trying to do environments, and I might have to settle for only 3-4 animations instead of the lengthy game trailer I’d wanted in the beginning. All in all, I probably spent a combined 60 hours modeling and rigging him, and about 6 hours on the animation.

This is the first animation test! Since doing this test, it’s pretty clear to me that I’ll need to repaint some weights in his midsection and add some more controls for his legs. And unfortunately, something went terribly wrong with the blend shapes that were supposed to let me animate him speaking. But he isn’t a smart character – he doesn’t need to say much.

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