Week 1 with Steve Silver

The first thing that Steve Silver ever told me was that Art School was the biggest waste of money any sad sap could ever spend. He told me this as I was preparing to graduate from art school. If I recall correctly, one of the girls in our group cried.

But seriously, he was right. It’s been 4 years since I graduated, and I don’t work at Disney yet. Matterfact, I’ve spent a lot of time doing underpaid freelance for approximately $2.50 per hour, after figuring in all of the client complaints, delays, and downright cheats, AND my bachelor’s degree has kept me from getting a minimum wage job, where I could be making at least three times what I’ve made doing freelance. Isn’t art school a bitch?


Steve has worked in the industry since before I got my first wacom tablet – nay, my first paintbrush not made by crayola. He teaches a character design class through Schoolism – It’s an amazing deal for a whole lot of knowledge. I urge you to sign up for it immediately (unless of course, you ARE Steve Silver and you’re reading my blog). After a couple of online classes with real, experienced industry professionals, I feel like I’m learning so much more than I picked in four years at the Art Institute.

(If my Ai character design teacher is reading this – I’m sorry. I’ve replaced you. But you’re still a cool dude.)

This is week one, before we actually watched any of the lessons. This drawing was just meant to gauge our skill – at the end, I believe I’ll be redesigning this man.

Character Design with Steve Silver - WEEK 1

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